Photo of Fritz Spainhour

Fritz Spainhour represents companies in complex and mass litigation. From expansive multidistrict litigation to high-exposure individual cases, Fritz helps clients efficiently navigate and successfully resolve disputes.

As a member of many MDL national counsel teams, Fritz has represented clients in mass litigation across the country, including the ChantixGranuFloXarelto, and Prescription Opiate proceedings. In these cases, he has taken and defended fact and expert depositions, managed company document discovery, led bellwether plaintiff selection and discovery, and drafted key motions and briefs. Fritz also served on the bellwether trial team that secured a defense verdict in a three-week jury trial.

Outside the mass litigation context, Fritz has extensive experience defending unique product liability claims with allegations ranging from contaminated medications to exploding hoverboards.

Government investigations and litigation are another substantial part of his practice. Fritz represents both companies and individuals facing allegations of wrongdoing by the government and qui tam plaintiffs.

Last week, the Sixth Circuit closed two paths the government and relators have tried to take to expand liability for medical providers under the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS) and False Claims Act (FCA): the meaning of “remuneration” under the AKS and the causation standard for AKS-based FCA claims.

Key Takeaways

The AKS, which prohibits referrals in