Photo of Gene R. Besen

Gene Besen advises corporations and individuals across the country in navigating investigations, civil enforcement actions and criminal proceedings brought by various government agencies. He represents clients in a wide range of industries – including healthcare, telemedicine, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and others – that need proactive strategies to mitigate and avoid controversies related to allegations involving billing fraud, kickbacks, securities fraud, insider trading, FCPA violations, pay-to-play schemes, antitrust violations and price fixing.

On December 27, 2022, the Second Circuit called into question the government’s theory of insider trading of confidential government agency information, potentially undercutting the DOJ’s enforcement of various white-collar crimes.

The panel tossed the convictions of four individuals found guilty of securities fraud, wire fraud, and theft of government property for their coordination to trade

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) recently criticized “activist judges” for rewriting the text of the False Claims Act to achieve their own policy goals, revealing plans to reintroduce legislation that would correct “unduly restrictive” interpretations of the statute and expand liability for defendants.

Grassley — who delivered his remarks in a pre-recorded keynote speech at the